The DynaflowHT Program.

February 4th, 2018

To make sure a fair return on our study and development attempts we must protect our intellectual house and we’ll take all necessary steps to prevent its unauthorized make use of. Cellectricon’s Chairman Lars-Eric Utterman added, Cellectricon is an extremely innovative company which includes successfully launched many advanced screening systems on the life science marketplace. Today’s litigation is definitely a strategic step to guard Cellectricon’s intellectual real estate from being infringed.‘It's important for employers to know where to start with regards to tackling productivity loss related to untreated melancholy,’ says Dr. Dewa. ‘Our study suggests that helping employees understand when they ought to be seeking help would significantly boost work productivity.’ In addition to treatment need, researches assessed attitudinal and structural barriers to accessing mental health services also. Attitudinal barriers consist of stigma of mental disease and belief that treatment is normally ineffective. Structural barriers include economic difficulty and limitations accessing appropriate mental health care. When all three types of barriers had been removed, researchers found that loss of work productivity was reduced by almost 50 per cent.

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