Controlled clinical research conducted in European countries.

February 18th, 2018

We appreciate the scientific rigor NSAI used for this CE Mark authorization. ‘We are impressed by the results we are seeing to date with Barostim Therapy. Inside our single center research we documented a substantial reduction in sympathetic activity which straight correlated into reduced hospitalizations.1 This is the type of standard we are looking for when treating patients with heart failing. We are elated that the treatment is now commercially available’ said Professor Edoardo Gronda from IRCC MultiMedica in Milan, Italy.. CVRx Barostim neo Program receives CE Mark authorization from NSAI for treatment of center failure CVRx, Inc.P53 is one of the primary tumour suppressor genes recognized to day, to the extent that its relevance in preventing cancer has resulted in it being called the guardian of the genome. This essential function made us believe that the protein could play an essential role in the cancers predisposition observed in individuals with DBA: if RPL11 is mutated, the ability is lost because of it to activate p53 to avoid tumours caused by cellular damage.’ Furthermore to impairing the normal function of the p53 tumour suppressor gene, mutations in RPL11 can also increase the levels of the MYC oncogene, a protein that, when produced at high levels abnormally, can promote the advancement of tumours.

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