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February 5th, 2018

Prior evidence has linked eating reddish and processed meats to a higher threat of colorectal cancer, and consuming fiber-wealthy foods to a lesser risk, Orlich said. However, Dr. Alfred Neugut, professor of epidemiology at Columbia University INFIRMARY in NEW YORK, said no-one has determined with certainty why a vegetarian diet would reduce the risk for cancer of the colon. It isn’t known whether there is usually something in vegetables that’s defensive or whether something in meats is dangerous, he said. Dietary research can only show a link between cancer and diet, not a cause-and-effect romantic relationship, Neugut said. That is the problem in dietary studies of cancer. We don’t know exactly what the connection is, he said. Neugut said a vegetarian diet might be a sign of other healthful behaviors, such as exercising rather than smoking, which could reduce the risk for cancer also.NYC soda ban would business lead customers to consume more sweet drinks, study suggests Sweet drinks kill 180,000 people around the global world, study suggests Bloomberg ‘self-confident’ soda ban will be upheld California senator Bill Monning, D-Carmel, proposed the costs SB-622, which would levy a tax on all ‘bottled sweetened beverages’ that have more than 25 calorie consumption for every 12 ounces. For example, the tax would cost an additional $1.44 for a 12-pack of carbonated drinks. The fee would be paid by beverage distributors, but there exists a possibility they could transfer costs to the buyer. ‘We’re witnessing an ideal storm – – an expensive childhood obesity crisis powered by a 228 % upsurge in soda usage and looming budget cuts that would abandon the very programs protecting those children,’ Monning stated in a news release.

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