Cloned meat is not a health risk.

October 9th, 2017

Cloned meat is not a health risk, but it’s even now cruel to animals Surprisingly, I agree with the FDA on the issue of cloned food. Eating the flesh of cloned pets is no even worse than consuming the flesh of natural-born pets. I see absolutely no mechanism by which cloned meat poses any risk higher than that of non-cloned meat . But let’s face it: non-cloned animal meat is dangerous enoguh simply by itself. If you understood what they put in hot dogs, the word goes, you wouldn’t dare eat it. And then there’s mad cow disease, too. And it gets worse: if you knew how they treated the pets that are slaughtered to bring you yet one more hamburger patty or checkin leg, you’d probably chuck your lunch right now.

The US aims to have 15 million treated by 2015. Nude AIDS activists arrested in Boehner’s officeMake HIV tests routine for all, not only those at risky, panel urgesInternational AIDS Meeting closes with calls for more treatmentObama offering brand-new plan to fight HIV/AIDSOther important actions include include treating more pregnant women and keeping them on treatment after their babies are born; raising male circumcision to lessen men’s risk of heterosexual infection; increasing usage of both female and man condoms; and more HIV testing. The world spent $16.8 billion fighting Supports poor countries this past year. The U.S. May be the leading donor, spending about $5.6 billion. Thursday’s record from PEPFAR, the President’s Emergency Arrange for AIDS Relief, outlines how improvement could continue at current spending amounts – or how, if other donors or hard-hit countries themselves can intensify investments, faster progress is possible.

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